United Horned Hair Sheep Association, Inc.


The United Horned Hair Sheep Association, Inc. and it’s divisions expect all members to promote
recognition and education, to the best of their abilities, of the breeds they own, with honesty and
integrity and to conduct all business with honesty and integrity and to abide by the Code of Conduct
below or as adopted by the Board of Directors.

  •       Members are expected to complete forms with legible printing or hand writing as the
    Registrar can not be held accountable for illegible writing. If the information is unreadable,
    the UHHSA Registrar will attempt to interpret the letters. The Registrar assumes no
    responsibility for misinterpretation of what is submitted and will simply make a ‘best guess’
    when there is a question regarding a letter, name, etc.. Applicants will be charged the current
    registration/recording fee for corrections to their certificates when the original form was not
    readable. It is recommended that applicants type their information or print clearly.
  •        Flock Prefixes and Registration Numbers are assigned by the Registrar/Computer
  •        Information will be recorded exactly as it is submitted on the forms. If additions or
    corrections are required, the owner must submit a new application with the old certificate
    (with corrections) including the current fees if any prior to reprocessing. Please Click Here for
  •        The Registrar is responsible for all errors and omissions that the Registrar makes. A
    new certificate will be issued and every attempt to correct the situation will be made. There
    will be no charge for this service. However, in all cases, the previously issued certificate must
    be returned to the Registrar prior to issuing a new certificate or as agreed upon withe the
    Registrar. Postage incurred when mailing back the Certificate for corrections will be paid by
    the owner of the sheep.
  •        The registrar reserves the right to determine if any photographs submitted are
    acceptable to be printed on a certificate. Guidelines established by UHHSA, Inc. will be used
    to determine what is acceptable.
  •        If applicable, colors and patterns will be either determined by the applicant or the
    Registrar according to the instructions received from UHHSA, Inc. If applicant allows registrar
    to determine the color(s), decisions made by the UHHSA Registrar will be considered final.  
    In cases where the applicant chooses the coloring and pattern, the Registrar will have the
    final say on color and pattern for sake of consistency. Certificates returned due to
    disagreements over color and pattern issues will be reissued at the current rate.
  •       Forms submitted without the current UHHSA, Inc. fees will not be processed. An email
    notification will be the only response to these types of submissions unless the applicant has
    stated an email notification is not acceptable or the email is returned.  
  •        The Board of Directors will be notified by the UHHSA Registrar if there is no response
    from the initial notification by the Registrar for ALL instances when applicants do not respond
    to initial contact by the Registrar.
  •        Overnight Service: NOT for use for sheep which require Inspection.  Please contact the
    office if you need Overnight or Expedited Service: uhhsa@yahoo.com   937-430-1768
  •        Only the rightful owner of a sheep can register sheep.
  •        Only the individual, family or farm to whom the Flock Prefix has been assigned may
    register a lamb/sheep under that Flock Prefix
  •        Members are expected to be honest when providing pedigree and other information to
    the registrar, UHHSA, Inc., and to customers.  UHHSA and the Registrar relies on the
    honesty and integrity of the breeders.
  •        Members should not attempt to re-register already registered sheep under different
    Flock Prefix or attempt to add their Flock Prefix to the official names of registered sheep with
    different Flock Prefixes.
  •        Members should not change the Flock Name or name of a sheep in another UHHSA,
    Inc., recognized registry when providing known, registered, pedigrees of ancestors of their
  •        No flock names can be changed when transferring from one registry to another except
    for flock names being converted to a flock prefix by the UHHSA Registrar.
  •        Members should not change Registered Names unless it is to correct mistakes caused
    by human error on the part of the Registrar or Member.
  •        Members must not knowingly misrepresent sheep as meeting Registration
    Requirements when they know sheep do not meet the requirements.
  •        It is the responsibility of the breeder to submit registrations and transfers to new owners
    within the timely period of 30 days from the date of the sale.  Both a registration and a
    transfer of ownership may be submitted by the breeder of the sheep being sold at the same
    time, however, the appropriate fees must be included. PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SEE THE
  •        Members are encouraged to make photocopies of items physically mailed to the
    registrar and to retain pertinent emails.
  •        If something is disputed with the registrar and can not be worked out between the
    member and the registrar, please contact the Board of Directors.

  •        Members are encouraged to maintain breeding records and some type of health records.
  •        Members are encouraged to seek out new knowledge and ways of raising, caring or
    marketing their sheep - always seeking to improve conditions, sheep performance, and over
    all goals for your flock and individual sheep.
  •        Members are encouraged to share what they have experienced or learned in regards to
    sheep care and health with other members.
  •        Members are responsible for checking their listing on the UHHSA, Inc., website and alert
    the Secretary if there is a mistake or if the information changes.
  •        Members are responsible for ensuring that the United Horned Hair Sheep Association,
    Inc., has current and accurate contact information.
  •        Members are expected to submit accurate information to the registrar, to UHHSA, Inc.,
    and to customers.
  •        In order to have no doubt which ram is the sire to a lamb produced 5 months later, it is
    suggested for rams over 3 months old to be removed and separated from the breeding herd
    flock.  Only one ram (over three months old) should be with the breeding flock at any time to
    insure accurate identification of the sire of lambs produced.
  •        Members are expected to treat people with respect and professionalism when
    conducting business or during times of dispute. This includes issues involving the Registrar
    and the registry company as well as issues with the divisions and within UHHSA, Inc., as a


Members are expected to abide by all rules and regulations and Bylaws of UHHSA and the division
(s) of which they are members.  If it has been found that a member chooses to not follow the
guidance of UHHSA or a division, that member, upon a simple majority of votes of the Board of
Directors, may be suspended from membership.  The suspended individual may appeal to the
UHHSA Board of Directors after a period of 90 days.  If appealed by individual, the UHHSA Board of
Directors may vote to lift the suspension and reinstate the individual or to continue the suspension
for a second period of 90 days.  After the second period of 90 days, the individual may appeal again
to the UHHSA Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors at that time may vote to continue the
suspension or to expel the individual permanently. Egregious offences may include immediate
expulsion by the Board of Directors with a simple majority vote.    The Board of Directors may consult
the opinion of the UHHSA Officers when dealing with suspension or expulsion situations; however,
all involved will be respectful of any pertinent confidentiality issues.
Active Members of UHHSA are permitted to use information on their website to help in
ethical and honest promotion and education about the breeds represented.  However,
a link to this website should be provided.

Pictures are copyrighted by owners of the sheep pictured and permission will need to
be sought to use the pictures.