Membership Benefits

  • Joining an organization whose purposes are:

                   (from Articles of Incorporation)

1.         To engage in the promotion, conservation, education, and furtherance of public awareness of each of the breeds represented within the United Horned Hair Sheep Association, Inc.

2.         To assist members in developing new markets and expanding current markets.

3.         To keep a breed standard that will serve to identify and register individual animals which qualify as one of the breeds represented.

4.         To promote interest in the breeds represented and whenever possible to attract new breeders for promotion, preservation, and well-being of the breeds.

5.         To register and keep pedigrees and records of all animals that qualify as one of the breeds represented. The Registry portions of each division are dedicated to serving as a holding place for Official Records of Pedigrees based on information that members submit to the registry.

6.         To promote more education, research, or studies on the advantages of hair or shedding sheep and diseases affecting sheep in general.

Such efforts undertaken to further the goals and purposes may be, but are not limited to: assisting with staffing or financing booths at Fairs or Shows; financing youth scholarships; financing adult scholarships; hosting educational gatherings, in person or via the internet; producing and publishing a newsletter(s); promoting, as able, shows which allow the breeds represented by the United Horned Hair Sheep Association, Inc. to be shown; working toward sponsoring United Horned Hair Sheep Association, Inc.  Shows for the breeds represented, encouragement of members to participate in studies and research promoted by universities in the United States of America; and providing written articles for periodicals, books, or websites related to sheep and farming.

  • Member Owned and Operated.  Board of Directors and Officers are fellow members nominated and elected by members.

  • Ability to hold office and to vote (Individual, Family, and Lifetime Membership Categories  does NOT include Associate and Youth).

  • Advertising and Breed Promotion.  Advertising and Breed Promotion in magazines, journals, and online.  Articles and other advertising promotions will also appear.  As UHHSA grows, the more we will be able to advertise and promote the sheep breeds represented. Through advertising and other efforts, we will increase public awareness and build an interest in the breeds.

UHHSA advertises in some of the top magazines which target livestock audiences.  People looking for sheep near them will be able to find YOUR contact information on our website which is included in all advertising!  

UHHSA is mentioned in several past articles including:

HOBBY FARMS.  The full article was in the MAY/JUNE 2010

Look for New Mexico Dahl Sheep and UHHSA in Sheep! Magazine
July/August 2013.

  • Ability to use the UHHSA Banner for your booth at a local fair.    As part of our Breed Promotion and Advertising efforts, a UHHSA Banner is available for member use.   In addition, UHHSA supports members who want to have UHHSA booths at a local fair or expo. Contact for more information and to reserve banner.

Pictures are from an Expo in Indianapolis, IN in September of 2010 showing the UHHSA Banner.  Members from Indiana, Kentucky & Ohio came together for the weekend to promote UHHSA and our beloved breeds! (please make sure you send in YOUR pictures of your booth!)

  • Contact information listed on the website of all members.  Those looking to find breeders will be able to have access to your contact information (INCLUDING website/email address, city, state, and phone number if member desires at NO additional fee). UHHSA advertises for you, saving your money!
  • Ability to place a Classified Ad for $15 for three months, advertising sheep, supplies, and equipment.  This listing would be located on our Classified Page.

  • Ability to Register Sheep (Individual, Family, and Lifetime Membership Categories – not including Associate Category).
  • Discount on price of Transferring Sheep.

CLICK HERE to view the current Fee Schedule

  • Certificate of Membership suitable for framing and display.
  • Receiving the UHHSA newsletter,  HORNED HAIR SHEEP HERALD.

Click Here to view some of our past newsletters.

Newsletters are produced by volunteer members with member-supplied articles, pictures, and other information along with some industry information. Newsletters are produced as we are able. Volunteer now to help!

  • Use of UHHSA Logos for your website or other farm advertising to indicate membership in UHHSA, Inc.

CLICK HERE to view all the logos and read more about using the Logos

  • Professional Registry Service.  We provide timely, efficient, accurate, and courteous service to our members.

CLICK HERE to view more information about our Registrar and assistants!

  • By joining UHHSA, you are joining a group of breeders who, like you, love their sheep breed and want to teach others about the breeds and reach out to those who may be interested in starting to raise these sheep!


1.Submit a completed and signed Membership Application

Membership Applications may be submitted via several different methods:

  • online fill-in blank form CLICK HERE
  • by printing out the membership application form and completing it

and then mailing it to:

United Horned Hair Sheep Association, Inc.

10416 FM 1511

Buffalo, TX 75831

OR scanning and emailing it to:

2. Pay Dues

Paying by mail: make Check/Money Order Payable to United Horned Hair Sheep Association, Inc (Click Here for Fee Schedule). Dues should be paid in US Dollars with a check or Money Order. Personal Checks must be drawn from a United States Bank. There is a $25.00 Fee for returned checks. Mail to: UHHSA, Inc., 10416 FM 1511, Buffalo, TX 75831

Paying electronically: We accept PayPal (a convenience fee applies for PayPal payments). CLICK HERE for PAYPAL.



contact UHHSA, Inc.,
Phone 937-430-1768 or 281-468-7744