Sheep that can offer MORE opportunities for your bottom line as well as your enjoyment!

UHHSA represented sheep are TRUE multiple market sheep!
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FENCE LINE and LOT CLEANERS! Natural Lawnmowers in action


Quality breeding stock available from farms is in demand. Many choose to purchase from breeder farms instead of livestock dealers. Prices vary according to local markets. Click HERE for a listing of UHHSA Members.

MEAT, PELTS, and HORNS offer additional market areas. Click on the above links to learn more.


The Painted Desert, Texas Dall, Black Hawaiian, Desert Sand, and Corsican sheep have been used in the hunting market on hunting ranges for many decades.

Some hunting preserves also have offered “4 horn” hunts so Multi-horned Hair Sheep can also take advantage of this particular market.  Excess NM Dahl rams could also be included for this market area.

Left to their own devices, the rams can quickly “go wild” and can be one of the hardest animals to hunt in fair chase hunts.  These sheep are becoming recognized for being much more than prey; however, some breeders take advantage of this particular market area for excess rams.

Some states have prohibited hunting preserves recently.  Check with yours before you count on this market. Also, consider checking other states that you may live near.