Register Sheep with non-UHHSA, Inc. Registered Parents

REGISTER SHEEP WITH UHHSA which are not currently registered and whose parents are BOTH registered/hardshipped with another recognized registry or if ONE parent is registered/recorded with UHHSA and one parent is registered/hardshipped with another registry– INCLUDES SOLID COLORED PAINTED DESERT SHEEP (Recording):

IF parents of the sheep are registered/hardshipped with another registry, the sheep will be fully accepted and able to be registered with UHHSA as long as the registration requirements are met. Copies of the parents’ registration certificates (front and back) from the other registry must be included with the application. 

PLEASE NOTE: The sheep’s original name will not be changed; however, the Flock Name will be replaced by a Flock Prefix which will be assigned to your flock by the registrar.

1. Ensure you are a member in good standing of the UHHSA, Inc division in which you are registering sheep or include the Membership Application and applicable fees when you submit Registration Applications. For Members who jointly own sheep, only one signature is required.

2. Fill out the appropriate APPLICATION FOR REGISTRATION RECOGNITION downloadable form or utilize our standardized simple fill-in-the-blank form.

3. Submit copies of the fronts and backs of the Registration Certificates for BOTH parents from another recognized registry.   If only one parent is registered with UHHSA, Inc., a copy of the front and back of the Registration Certificate for the sheep which is not registered with UHHSA, Inc will be required. If both parents are registered with UHHSA, Inc., copies of Registration Certificates are not needed, and please use the APPLICATION FOR REGISTRATION or APPLICATION FOR RECORDING (for Painted Desert Sheep) instead.

4. If the original Certificate is in error, submit a correct copy of the pedigree (can be handwritten) and write a notation of what is in error and why.

5. Take one photo of the left side and one photo of the right side of the sheep. Make sure the sheep is easily seen and other sheep are not in photo as these photos will be printed on the official Certificate. It is helpful if you are registering an adult ram to include an additional front view photo of the head and horns that enables the registrar to see the shape of the horns. 

United Horned Hair Sheep Association, Inc., reserves the right to request additional photos showing horns, coat or other attributes of the sheep for which registration or recording is requested.

6.  Have the Photos professionally processed OR Print out the Photos on a personal printer using a good quality ink and on PHOTOGRAPHIC PAPER. The proper size photograph is 4X6 or Wallet Size for applications sent through US Post Office or other non-electronic methods.

We also accept photos electronically.  Email Photos in original size to  Please label each photo with the name of the sheep pictured.  Number and views of photos are the same as when submitting thru non-electronic methods such as the U.S. Post Office. If you have any questions, please contact the office 937-430-1768 or via email

7. Submit the appropriate amount made payable to United Horned Hair Sheep Association, Inc., (Click Here for Fee Schedule) for each sheep with the Application for Recognition and copies of the front and back of the Registration Certificates from other associations of either the sheep or the parents, the photos and any other information/pedigree known to:

United Horned Hair Sheep Association, Inc

UHHSA Secretary

10416 FM 1511

Buffalo, TX 75831

You may submit Membership Application and Application for Registration Recognition for sheep at the same time.

Payment should be paid in US Dollars with a check or Money Order. Personal Checks must be drawn on a United States Bank. There is a $25.00 Fee for returned checks. Paypal payments are also accepted (a convenience fee applies).


PAYPAL is accepted under Online Payment in the above menu or CLICK HERE for the link.

You may also submit applications and photos electronically.  Copies of the required Registration Certificates from other UHHSA recognized registries may be scanned and emailed or photographed and emailed to and photos may be emailed also. The Application for Registration Recognition may also be completed utilizing our main online application.