Submit Certificates of Breeding

SUBMIT CERTIFICATES OF BREEDING (for use when selling pregnant or potentially pregnant Ewes):

SELLER: Give the Certificate of Breeding to the buyer, completed and accurately filled out.

BUYER: If a lamb(s) is born from the mating referenced in the Certificate of Breeding, send the Certificate of Breeding along with the appropriate Application for Registration/Recording for the lamb(s) and the appropriate fees made payable to United Horned Hair Sheep, Inc., (Click HERE FOR FEE SCHEDULE) (please note you must be a member of the division in which you are registering sheep)

United Horned Hair Sheep Association, Inc

UHHSA Secretary

10416 FM 1511

Buffalo, TX 75831

Certificates of Breeding and Applications for Registering may be scanned and emailed, photographed and emailed, or submitted online.

Payments are accepted via Paypal as well (there is a convenience fee for Paypal use). CLICK HERE FOR PAYPAL.