Submit Ram Lease


OWNER OF RAM: If you have leased a Ram to another shepherd, complete, sign and give the Ram Lease Certificate to the person who leased the ram from you, so they are able to register the offspring.

LEASEE: When registering the lambs sired by a leased ram, submit the completed and signed Ram Lease Certificate from the owner of the ram along with the appropriate Application for Registration/Recording and fees made payable to United Horned Hair Sheep, Inc., (Click here for Fee Schedule). Please note you must be a member of the UHHSA division in which you are registering sheep – Application for Membership

Mail to: United Horned Hair Sheep Association, Inc

UHHSA Registrar

10416 FM 1511

Buffalo, TX 75831

Payments can be made via Paypal (a convenience fee applies). CLICK HERE FOR PAYPAL.  Ram Lease Certificates may be scanned and emailed or photographed and emailed – make sure legible.  Registration applications may be made electronically via our simple online forms or completed forms may be scanned and emailed or photographed and emailed to – make sure legible.