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Welcome to the Resource Page for Web Articles and Other Literature. We hope you find the following links informational and helpful. Some of the links are organizations or blogs that have exchanged links with us while other links may simply have helpful information.  UHHSA, INC., is not responsible for any inaccuracies on the websites listed below and does not endorse any specific products offered or advertised in blogs. All Resource Links are provided for general purposes and information only.

Topic: Vaccinations and Other General Medical Information

Gates’ Practical Guide to Sheep Disease

Third Edition
Norman Gates, DVM, MPH
Pipestone Veterinary Clinic
Midstates Printing, Inc, Aberdeen, SD

Storey’s Guide to Raising Sheep
Paula Simmons and Carol Ekarius
Storey Publishing, LLC

Topic: Scrapie


The following is a chart that can help you determine which sheep are required to have ID. More information is available from the USDA site above. Eradication of Scrapie is very important to the small ruminant industry.

TOPIC: Lambing Calculator

Topic: Sample Barn and Individual Ewe Records

Topic: Magazines

Sheep! Magazine and Countryside & Small Stock Journal recently merged. CLICK HERE to go to the Sheep portion and CLICK HERE to go to the home page for Countryside.

Grit Magazine is full of information. CLICK HERE to go to the site.

The Banner Magazine The Banner contains Show Results from major sheep sales and
shows, Reports and Newsletters from Wool Breeds Mainly but some Hair Sheep such as Katahdins and Dorpers, CLICK HERE TO GO TO THE SITE.

Topic: Other Important Resources about General and Health Topics

Sheep Industry Website

Sheep 101 is an informative website to explore especially for beginning shepherds. The Sheep 201 section includes an alphabetical listing of sheep breeds as well as sheep diseases. CLICK HERE to go to the website.

This is a blog with some information about the different types of fencing available. CLICK HERE.