What Is Open Registry Inspection

Currently, UHHSA, Inc., allows for unregistered sheep to become registered sheep through a process based on member-submitted evidence. This allows for building a genetically diverse foundational registered flock. At some point, the books may become closed – meaning stock without registered backgrounds may be prohibited. The following details how the process works.

Bylaws:  Photo Inspection

For sheep with one or both parents not registered or recorded within a division of the
United Horned Hair Sheep Association, Inc., or another UHHSA, Inc., recognized registry, an Inspection Process is required.

All required payments and documentation are to be sent to:
Open Registry Inspection Committee
10416 FM 1511
Buffalo, TX 75831

OR Submitted electronically through our main online form or scanning and emailing completed forms or other documentation or photographing and emailing completed forms. Payments are also available through our Online Payment page via Paypal.

The Inspectors will carefully examine the photographs and documentation to ensure
that Registration Requirements for the breed specified are met.