Membership Benefits

  • Joining an organization whose purposes are:

                   (from Articles of Incorporation)

1.         To engage in the promotion, conservation, education, and furtherance of public awareness of each of the breeds represented within the United Horned Hair Sheep Association, Inc.

2.         To assist members in developing new markets and expanding current markets.

3.         To keep a breed standard that will serve to identify and register individual animals which qualify as one of the breeds represented.

4.         To promote interest in the breeds represented and whenever possible to attract new breeders for promotion, preservation, and well-being of the breeds.

5.         To register and keep pedigrees and records of all animals that qualify as one of the breeds represented. The Registry portions of each division are dedicated to serving as a holding place for Official Records of Pedigrees based on information that members submit to the registry.

6.         To promote more education, research, or studies on the advantages of hair or shedding sheep and diseases affecting sheep in general.