Register Sheep with UHHSA Registered Parents

REGISTER SHEEP OUT OF UHHSA REGISTERED PARENTS – not for Solid Colored Painted Desert Sheep:

If you are the breeder (owner of ewe at time of conception) OR you bought a pregnant UHHSA registered ewe and this is the resulting offspring, use the Application for Registration downloadable form for the appropriate breed or the simple fill-in-the-blank online form. If you are unsure of which form to use, contact the office at or call 937-430-1768 or 281-468-7744.

1. Ensure you are a member in good standing of the UHHSA, Inc division in which you are registering sheep or include the Membership Application and applicable fees when you submit Application For Registering. For Members who jointly own sheep, only one signature is required.

2. Fill out the appropriate