About New Mexico Dahl Sheep

The New Mexico Dahl Sheep Breed has received official New Mexico State Recognition as a Heritage Breed and Bernalillo County has recognized several breeders for their efforts in rebuilding the breed. Genetic testing is ongoing to scientifically establish the grand heritage of this breed! Scroll down to view the Official Declarations, News Articles, and, coming soon, genetic testing results and conclusions!

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New Mexico Dahl Sheep in the NEWS!

CHECK OUT THE FOLLOWING: TV news stories and an article by New Mexico State Historian,  Dr. Rick Hendricks, who published an Heirloom article in Edible Magazine on the history and future of two hardy Heritage Breeds of NM Livestock with great potential as a future food source using desert New Mexico lands not suitable for current markets of cattle and sheep which are not as hardy; see page 62. One of those hardy Heritage breeds is the New Mexico Dahl Sheep, the foundation herd which is based in Belen, NM! Depending on your browser, below the links, some videos are available.  In the second video, the Bernalillo County officials host a ribbon-cutting for a small herd of Mexico Dahl Sheep at the Hubbell-Gutierrez House

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KOB TV News Story
Albuquerque Journal News Story
Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
New Mexico State Historian Dr. Rick Hendricks, page 62