Sheep are great at cleaning fencelines and wooded or overgrown lots.  These sheep will eat more of the weeds that some wool breeds of sheep may leave.  With the slick summer coats, these sheep will be less prone to getting stickers and thorns stuck in their coats, but may still need to be groomed.  Even when needing grooming, it is much easier to be brushing out thorns and stickers from at most, an undercoat of wool in the winter, than from several inches of full wool.

Have a large lawn?  These sheep will keep your lawn trimmed. Trees in the area also will be kept trimmed (watch for tree bark stripping, however).  These sheep look great while doing the lawn mowing for you and will apply “natural” fertilizer as they go.

Sheep on Pasture – Rhineland Acres – East Bridgewater, MA

Monroe’s Painted Desert Sheep – Kewanee, IL

Blackwood Farm – Boyd, TX

Iron Diamond Farm – OH