Other Horned Hair Sheep

Want to know if that sheep you are considering buying actually has close unique type sheep bloodlines such as Alaskan Dall, Stone Sheep, or Bighorn?  Without performing genetic testing to make sure (which would be recommended), physical appearance could help out. Odds are, your potential sheep may exhibit some of the characteristics displayed by the photos of live sheep and taxidermy exhibitions featured below if there are at least 50% bloodlines from those types of sheep.

Currently, breed standards for most of the breeds represented by UHHSA do not permit known bloodlines of Alaskan Dall, Stone, Argali, Bighorn (Big Horn), or Blue Sheep, etc.

However, the New Mexico Dahl Sheep does allow 25% or less Bighorn in their background as Bighorn sheep are assumed to be a parent breed of the NM Dahl which is an officially recognized New Mexico Heritage Breed. In fact, genetic testing is being performed on NM Dahl Sheep to confirm this and their heritage!

If you have taxidermy mounts (or live pictures) of these sheep and would like us to consider including them on this page, please let us know! Photo Credits and credit for the exhibits must be included and copyrighted images may not be able to be utilized.

Bighorn Sheep

Alaskan Dall Sheep

Taxidermy Pictures

Following pictures taken at the Call of the Wild Museum at La Grand Station (Mobil Station) Rapid City, SD on August 14, 2010. Museum is dedicated to education about the animals depicted as well as showcasing the taxidermy profession.

Desert Bighorn

Blue Sheep

Note the different shape of the horns as compared to the Bighorn and even the Alaskan Dall.